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We put YOU at the center of your cancer treatment

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Therapy Plans Modernized

Traditional drug development and standard of care protocols have followed the same retrospective path, meaning they look backwards over 10's of 1000's of people to find answers that might work for a simple majority.  Even with DNA testing, this method is why 1 in 3 still don't win the fight. 


First Ascent brings treatment development to the modern age by starting with You, your genomics, and your specific case first, then begins analysis.  Our first of its kind process ensures we look at ALL of your cancer's weaknesses (not just a single DNA-based flag) and then develop your specific combination therapy plan.


We create treatment plans for ALL cancer types.  Our solution was originally created to give those with the rarest cancers a fighting chance.  Utilizing the power of those early results, we now help those with more widespread cancers such as breast, lung blood cancers and any other. 


If you have questions on your specific cancer, Contact Us for a consultation.

Full Customer Service

We keep you at the center of your cancer treatment.  Our results are delivered to your oncologist and to you upon request.  We will keep you informed of timing and delivery.  Once your report is delivered, we're here to help answer any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How much tissue do you need for the diagnosis?

In general, First Ascent requires a 5mm x 5mm live tissue section. Additional tumor material will be accepted. DNA and RNA sequencing can be performed with non-live tissue samples such as snap frozen material or FFPE tissue.

2.    When do I expect to get the result back? Do I get a copy of the report also or just to my oncologist?

Results are typically delivered to the oncologist in 2 weeks. A copy of the report will be available to patients upon request.

3.    What does the report entail?

The report first and foremost states the most effective treatment option for you as found by our AI. If requested, we will also list toxicity results. If toxicity tests are requested, we will also list results from toxicity experiments to highlight safer novel combinations.  This section is then followed by secondary treatment options. We do this to give options in a ranked order to your treating physician. Lastly, we provide all the data that supports the plan created by our AI and tailored for you. This ensures you and your physician have all supporting evidence to make the correct choice for you.

4.    How much does the diagnosis cost? Do you work with insurance?

We aim to never let cost of treatment slow us from helping patients with refractory or recurrent cancer find the care they need. For patients with plans supported by through the US Affordable Care Act (ACA), treatment cannot be denied. We are growing our list of providers and will post regular updates with partner carriers. First Ascent will also be working to provide funding for patients who are struggling with finances and are unable to pay for our service. Please contact us for service options, pricing and support.

5.    There are 100+ different kind of cancers, do you work better with certain type of cancer?

Since your specific functional testing data and DNA/RNA data are at the heart of the data sets feeding our proprietary AI, our solution can be applied to all cancer types. We have worked with common leukemias and some of the rarest sarcomas. Find out more on our Resources page.

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