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Improve patient care with AI-driven diagonastics and treatment plans

Benefits of Working with First Ascent

Finding treatment plan answers for patients with recurrent or refractory cancer is complex and time is critical.


First Ascent cuts through the complexity to deliver evidence-based AI/ML-driven treatment plan answers in 2 weeks or less.

Improve Patient Outcome

First Ascent takes your patient beyond genomic profiling.


Live tumor cell testing determines which drugs actually impact the patient's cancer cells.


Our AI/ML combines the full genomic data and functional testing to determine to determine this patients specific tumor weaknesses.

Support Patients

You and your patient receive a treatment plan in 2 weeks or less. Our AI/ML creates your patient's individualized plan from the tumor weakness map.


We de-risk plan recommendations by conducting toxicity testing before plan delivery to enable the best plan decisions going forward.

Make Evidence-Based Decisions

Our plan reports provide an easy to find, actionable recommendation.


Behind that recommendation we provide all the supporting data, combined in an intuitive flow, to enable quick assessment.


Clinical Trials

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