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Unlocking new
treatment possibilities
for cancer patients

Your personalized therapy plan delivered in two weeks.

We put YOU at the center of your care

Cancer is not one disease. It is millions of diseases based on each patient's unique biology. That's why so many cancer treatments do not work. Even today, with all the new treatments, including DNA testing, 1 in 3 patients are still not helped by the standard of care and run out of treatment options.

Our approach puts YOU at the center of your treatment & finds the right combination of FDA-approved drugs unique to you.  Your data defines your best treatment, improving outcomes for you.  Our AI uncovers every weakness in your cancer.


Our next milestone is to make this platform available to all patients and their Doctors by September 2023. 

Drug Selection

From over a thousand approved drugs, we select hundreds based on your cancer type.

Drug Testing

We test those drugs to see which ones kill your cancer cells.

DNA/RNA Sequencing

We execute state of the art sequencing and use your full DNA & RNA.

AI Analysis

Our AI engine reveals the underlying weaknesses in your cancer.


Helping oncologists improve patient care

First Ascent provides all the data and analysis to help select the right combination of FDA-approved agents that best target your patient’s cancer.
Our approach highlights each cancer’s vulnerabilities and broadens the scope of treatments possible for your patient.

Get started with us in
four simple steps!

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